• Image of Rich Webb - Sampler (7-track EP)
  • Image of Rich Webb - Sampler (7-track EP)

This was put together for the Popkomm music festival in Berlin in 2007 and includes a few tracks from Overboard and first album The Girl Who Laughed Too Much, plus a couple of unreleased Rich Webb original numbers.

We have like 15 copies left - so if you are interested at all, make your move early rather than later.

This is the only place you can get a hold of 'Oh, Pity Me' - which is still a live favourite - and also the full length version of the Bubble Boy remix of Don't Feel So Sad.

1. Don't Feel So Sad (3:25)
2. Move on Over (4:49)
3. Baby's Got New Clothes (4:38)
4. Minnie Pearl (5:13)
5. About a Girl (3:01)
6. Oh, Pity Me (3:01)
7. Don't Feel So Sad (Bubble Boy remix) (8:41)