• Image of Rich Webb - Overboard (album)
  • Image of Rich Webb - Overboard (album)

Rich Webb's third album, produced with long-time friend and bass guitar giant Jimmy McHugh. That's $A20 - Aussie.

1. Don't Feel So Sad (3:27)
2. Judy Garland (5:04)
3. Blue-Eyed Girl (4:36)
4. Move On Over (4:51)
5. Burn In Hell (4:07)
6. Firehole (5:18)
7. Cry Like A Whale (4:43)
8. 3 Days Missing (4:28)
9. Miranda (4:31)
10. Take It All (6:25)
11. Light (5:05)

Reviews include:

Triggerfish, Germany:

Throughout the night . . .
When night lays itself over the city, swallowing the chaos of the day, it inevitably drags the restless outside to wander through its sea of neon.

Not just in good movies – which if they do nothing else, can be relied upon to pay their dues to melancholy – this also happens in every city on earth.

But whether in the movies or in realtime, the right soundtrack is essential so whenever a savvy bloke is out and about this autumn then, guaranteed, he has RICH WEBB on his headphones.

Because his third album 'Overboard' sounds exactly as if, having been inspired by one of these nocturnal epics, it was recorded immediately and without compromise.

The seemingly benign opener 'Don’t Feel So Sad' provides a folk introduction but, despite its apparent conventionality, the voluminous instrumentalisation and wonderfully eccentric chorus set it off the beaten Folk/Country track.

The evening pauses with the sinister rap in 'Judy Garland''. Overboard' becomes ever darker and, at the same time, ever more beautiful.

'Move on Over' develops unconscionable amounts of soul in four minutes and then, finally, with 'Burn in Hell', we’ve sold our souls to the night. It seems there is good reason for this man to have taken almost 10 years to produce three albums.

Despite albums which are always good, sometimes magnificent, artists like RICH WEBB struggle to achieve recognition with this kind of material while the JACK JOHNSONS of the world pocket all the glory with their sickeningly emotional one-dimensional repertoire – but no worries – you’ll prefer to share your 'Overboard' moments with a discerning crowd. The thrill is greater that way.

And when, almost inevitably, at the end of the album, the song 'Light' allows the weak warmth of a winter sunrise, 'Overboard' can justifiably begin again from the top. The next night comes quicker than expected these days . . .