• Image of Rich Webb - Beautiful World (album)
  • Image of Rich Webb - Beautiful World (album)

Beautiful World track listing includes - and this is $A20 - Australian dollars:

1. Gone Gone Gone (4:27)
2. White Dove (2:59)
3. Loaded (3:14)
4. Beautiful World (5:43)
5. Brand New Day (3:05)
6. Dead Bodies (2:05)
7. Keep On Pushing In (2:56)
8. Amber (3:22)
9. Moon Girl (3:31)
10. No, It Don't Feel Right (4:12)
11. My Life Story (3:34)

Check out these reviews:

Wonderfully inventive - employing a kind of narrative story telling that transcends the usual form of song. Across the Tracks - album of the week

At times a steamship trip on the Mississippi, at times a road movie, at times an ode to love and at times no nonsense rock and roll. Musicheadquarter

Low-key, darkly glamourous tales of lost love and infidelity. Subba Cultcha

An album of gorgeous contradictions and effervescent intensities. InPress

Class music from Down Under. musiX Magazin

A brilliant album. Cross Culture

From the opening song Gone Gone Gone, they lifted the mood barometer in the hall... this band were celebrated. Hessisch Niedersächsische Allgemeine

Desert rock, capturing the concept of Australiana completely. Melodie & Rhythmus

All corners and edges. Landeszeitung für die Lüneburger

In the beautiful world of Rich Webb, there's quite a lot going on! Gästeliste

Insert, listen, look to the moon and get involved in this record. SKUG

This is what Musicheadquarter in Germany had to say in their 8/10 review:

"Smart Australian musician Rich Webb is always moving. Born close to Glasgow, he grew up in England’s Scunthorpe, until, after other stops in Sheffield and London,he landed in Melbourne, Australia.

His fourth album ‘Beautiful World’, which he made with guitarist Phil Wakeman, George-Savva Georgiou on bass and brother David Eugene Webb on the drums in lightning speed in Hannover’s Horus Sound Studio, is also moving.

“We went in with 11 new songs and some big ideas; we came out eight days later with a finished album,” is how Rich describes the apparently smooth process with producer Howard Bargroff, who has worked with international acts such as Grace Jones, Frankie Goes to of Hollywood and Ministry of Sound.

They have emerged with a diverse album, at times like a steamship trip on the Mississippi (‘Gone Gone Gone’), at times a road movie (‘White Dove’), an ode to love (‘Beautiful World’) and at times no nonsense rock and roll (‘Dead Bodies’).

At the centre of the new album are ruthlessly direct lyrics, sometimes very hard, and sometimes very fragile: “How many more times do we wake up feeling low and hurting? And the early morning light won't wash away the words, of that I'm certain”, for example in ‘Amber’.

Fans of no frills, original music with content and depth will enjoy ‘Beautiful World’."